The competition

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC) is a competition in smart driving where people all over the world compete in their everyday driving.

At the end of this year’s season a big final is held where the top 20 smartest drivers compete head to head and the winner is crowned the Smartest Driver 2021.

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While driving, motorists get their driving assessed in real-time by our Artificial Intelligence technology, that understands each trip’s level of risk and carbon footprint.

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FIA SDC evaluates CO2 emissions per trip. Driving smart means using less energy, and less energy means lower CO2 emissions. Making motorists aware of the impact drives enormous positive change.

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Join the community of everyday drivers from all over the world in a joint effort, independent of sex, age, ethnicity, location or car.

How to compete

1. Download the FIA SDC app.

2. Follow the steps inside the app to connect to your car via Bluetooth.

3. Compete automatically every time you drive connected.

Scores to improve your driving – and the planet

The scoring system in FIA SDC is based on how safe & eco-friendly your driving is. Factors such as energy efficiency, pace, eco-driving, safety and the handling of the gas and brake are taken into account. It is independent of your car brand and model as well as your geographical position. This means that there are no preexisting disadvantages in the competition, even if you drive an older car.

Challenge yourself – and your friends

Achieve your driving goals through customised coaching and actionable tips based on your driving performance. FIA SDC makes it easy to monitor your progress and track your activity right from your phone.

Let us help you make progress

See your driving performance crystalized into terms of planning, focus, eco driving and terrain handling. Track your driving patterns and identify your strengths and weaknesses to improve your driving.

Be proud of your progress

There’s nothing that will keep you moving forward like looking back at how far you’ve already come. Track your progress in monthly stats and acquired badges as well as in the global leaderboard. Learn from what you’ve accomplished and get excited about what’s next.