What is the FIA Smart Driving Challenge?

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC) is a competition that rewards smart, safe and environmentally-friendly driving. Starting from Place de la Concorde, the registered participants, accompanied by instructors from the Automobile Club Association, will be able to test their driving skills at the wheel of various electric, hybrid, or internal combustion cars on the course of the Paris E-Prix.

As they cover the route, their driving will be evaluated, in real time via artificial intelligence, by the Enerfy® digital platform connected to a smartphone app. At the end of the experiment, participants will be awarded points in order to determine their classification and their chances of becoming the smartest driver of the competition.

What is “smart driving” and how do you measure it?

Our platform is based on AI and gathers the information that is sent from the OBD reader in your car. The AI then calculates the smartness of your driving based on a number of elements: energy efficiency, eco driving, safety, how you handle the gas pedal and the breaks etc. Based on the data that we receive, a driving score is calculated by our AI, which will be given to the driver.

Smart driving means handling your car in a safe, environmentally friendly and well-planned way.

A few tips to drivers out there who want to drive smarter: - Do not stress – always leave with some extra time margins. - Keep a distance of at least 3 seconds to the car in front of you, even at low speeds. - Stay focused. Keep an eye on the environment ahead to adapt your speed to what’s happening.