Team Petter Solberg

The world’s first smart driving challenge!

Are you ready to participate in the world’s first competition that rewards smart, safe and environmentally-friendly driving? Make it fun to contribute to a safer and cleaner world by signing up for the challenge 2021.
FIA Smart Driving Challenge 2020 starts in:

How do I participate?

1. Sign up for the FIA SDC season (OBD-plug in and shipping included).
2. Download the FIA SDC app on your smartphone and connect to your car via Bluetooth. If your car does not have Bluetooth you can order a plug-in/hardware to connect. The plug-in works independent in diesel and petrol cars made 2001 (EU)/1996 (US) or later.
3. Choose your team.
4. Compete during your everyday driving!

How does the competition work?

  • Each individual driver and team will be scoring in the ranking list after each heat.
  • You’ll need to drive at least 10 km per heat (all trips over 1km will be included).
  • Drive during your everyday life.
  • Try to get the highest possible scores by driving in a smart way.