The FIA Smart Driving Challenge is the world's first championship in smart driving, where drivers
from all over the world compete by driving as smart as possible during their daily driving.

Regulations as a team

  • The competition consists of different teams. Each team is led by a successful FIA driver, who will inspire his or her team during the season
  • To compete you need to choose a team-leader and team to drive for
  • It’s not possible to change team during the season

Scoring as a team

  • The average of the top 20 drivers in a team plus 2% of the other team members scores
  • The final will take place in Paris, where the top three best drivers from the top three teams plus the top three drivers during the season will compete

Scoring as an individual

  • The individual driver score is calculated on an average based on top 10% trips
  • Every trip over 1 km during a heat is included in the scoring
  • Total distance driven during a heat must exceed 10 km
  • The same geographical mileage will only be scored twice in one day

Smart driving definition

  • Adopt your driving style and speed to the traffic and weather conditions prevailing
  • Be 100% focused on your driving
  • Plan the route and be prepared for upcoming events
  • Raise your gaze and keep a safe distance from cars in front of you
  • Do not stress
  • Try to handle gas and brake smoothly

What are the technical requirements?

  • Your car must be manufactured after 2001 (EU) and 1996 (USA) to be able to participate
  • A connected smartphone is required during each drive


  • The competition season is running from May 2019 to November 2019, but the pre-heats starts in February.
  • The competition consists of 6 pre-heats and 14 heats
  • Each heat runs during a calendar week