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The world’s first smart driving challenge!

If signing up for 2020 now, you'll automatically get access to the remaining heats of season 2019 - a great warming up possibility to get familiar with the competition and time enough to really enjoy and test your smart driving skills.
FIA Smart Driving Challenge 2 starts in:

How do I participate?

1. Sign up for the FIA SDC season (OBD-plug in and shipping included).
2. Download the FIA SDC app on your smartphone and connect the OBD plug-in. The plug-in works independent in diesel and petrol cars made 2001 (EU)/1996 (US) or later.
3. Choose your team.
4. Compete during your everyday driving!

How does the competition work?

  • The 2019 season consists of 6 pre-heats and 14 competition heats
  • Each team will be scoring in the ranking list after each heat
  • You’ll need to drive at least 10 km per heat (all trips over 1km will be included)
  • Drive during your everyday life
  • Try to get the highest possible scores by driving smart


The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC) is a worldwide competition that rewards smart, safe and eco-friendly driving.

Equipped with a smartphone app connected to a digital platform, regular motorists can compete to become the world's smartest driver by using their own car.

When registering, participants will join teams led by racing stars. These prestigious team leaders will share with them tips and advices to help improve their smart skills at the wheel. Ultimately, the best drivers will face each other in a final to win the challenge.

Join the FIA Smart Driving Challenge and become the smartest driver!

The story behind

The challenge was created by the FIA to encourage and challenge everyday motorists to adopt smarter, cleaner and safer driving behaviour.

Driving behaviour is measured by a digital platform, called Enerfy®, which evaluates driving in real time with artificial intelligence (AI). The platform transforms real trips into a digital score to achieve a competition ranking.